Why Tree Care is Important

Professional tree companies have the knowledge, training, and equipment to properly care for your trees. Tree are vital to life, and it is essential to properly maintain your trees, which are valuable investments. They naturally provide numerous aesthetic, social, environmental, and economical benefits, to name a few.

  • Increased Property Value:  Well-cared trees add 5-20% more value to real estate

  • Cost Reduction:  Provide shade, reducing yearly heating/cooling costs by $2.1 billion

  • Climate Control:  Obtained by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain

  • Air Filtration:  Filters out particulate matter and absorbs harmful gases

  • Purifies Water:  Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water

  • Privacy and Scenery


Source: ISA (2005). Contracting for tree work.


The Value of Your Trees

Most people have some knowledge of the value trees and shrubs have on a property. They create beauty on the property, purify the air around us, act as a sound barrier, produce oxygen, and contribute to saving energy from the cooling shade in the warm months and reduce wind in the colder months. 


Four Factors in Tree Value

Size:  The size and age of a tree is sometimes irreplaceable. 

Species or Classification:  Trees that are durable, adaptable, and free from objects are most valuable. 

Condition:  A healthy, well-maintained tree had a higher value

Location:  A tree in your yard may be worth more than one growing in the woods. A tree standing alone often has a higher value than one in a group. A tree near your house or one that is a focal point in your landscape tends to have greater value. The site, placement, and contribution of a tree to the overall landscape help determine the overall value of the plant attributable to location.