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Dump Truck

Having a dump truck on the job allows us to quickly and efficiently clean up our worksite, hauling out large amounts of logs and debris at a time.

PowerTrac Tractor

Our PowerTrac tractor is a versatile turf friendly tractor that allows us to safely drive across your lawn to wherever it’s needed with minimal damage to the existing landscape. This is also great for snow removal since it can access places a plow can’t, removing the snow and placing it somewhere else rather than pushing it to the side where necessary.

boom truck.jpeg
Boom Truck

Certain jobs need serious equipment in order to safely remove a tree. In comes our boom truck, which is also turf friendly. This machine allows us to bring down branches and trees safely over houses and powerlines.

Spider Lift

Our spider lift is an essential piece of equipment - especially when the whole tree is dead and unsafe to climb. It allows us to safely access the whole tree under almost any circumstance, including in tight places and/or on inclines that are inaccessible to the bucket truck. It even collapses to become only 4ft wide, enabling it to fit through single gates, narrow walkways/passages, etc. 

Wood Chipper

Our large capacity chipper allows us to chip large quantities of brush and trunk quickly and safely. We can also create clean quality chips from your downed tree for use in many areas around the yard such as gardens, tree beds, playgrounds, walking paths, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 12.22.21
Stump Grinder

Our high-grade stump grinder effectively grinds through even the largest tree stumps while maintaining the integrity of the soil and not leaving a large hole behind..

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