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Starke Tree Care is available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. We can respond on short notice to take care of any fallen or leaning trees. We will provide the safest option for removal of hazardous or damaged trees due to rain, wind, snow or ice storms.

24 Hour Storm Damage

The removal of dead or dying branches is very important because of the potential hazard falling branches represent.


Fully seasoned split firewood! We have both premium mixed hardwood for indoor burning, as well as coniferous softwood (what we call "campfire wood") for outdoor burning. Free local delivery. Premium mixed hardwood: $300/cord; $175/half cord; Campfire wood: $100/half cord

We recommend calling for firewood in early fall as demand varies from year to year, and on occasion we've sold out of fully seasoned wood by Thanksgiving. When/if that happens, we can still provide wood all winter long, it just may not be fully seasoned. 

Alternatively, you can buy off season at a discount. For $50 off/cord, we'll deliver fresh split firewood you can stack and let season all spring/summer so it's good to go when temperatures start to drop. 

Large & Small Tree Removal

Removing trees should always be a last resort, especially if they are healthy. However, there are many situations where trees need to be removed: if they are dead, dying, conflicting with construction, root system or tree too close to the house, potential hazard, or is just aesthetically undesirable.

Starke Tree Care specializes in safely removing trees of any size. We plan our removals with safety in mind using lifts, bucket trucks and/or cranes where necessary. Our expert climbers take all measures to ensure a safe removal by rigging and carefully lowering sections. We also have turf-friendly equipment so your yard is not damaged during the process.

Crane Removal

Crane removals are a safe way to remove a tree that is too close to a home or building, as well as in conditions with difficult topography. The crane operator and climber work together to take down large sections of the tree and gently lay them down. This reduces the impact on the ground around the tree and allows complete control of where the sections end up.  

Pruning / Trimming

Pruning is a common tree maintenance service we provide. Pruning / thinning / elevating / dead wooding all help keep your trees healthy, safe and beautiful. We recommend thoroughly pruning your trees every 3-5 years, and whenever you notice branches getting too close to a house or other structure.

Thinning involves cleaning the canopy and removing select branches to increase light and air movement. Elevating involves removing any low hanging branches to provide ground clearance and/or additional light for the grass below.

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Stump Removal

We offer stump grinding services to remove stumps that would otherwise prevent the planting of a new tree or grass. Tree stumps can also be potentially hazardous as they can become homes for termites and other pests. They can also rot and create a soft spot where it is unsafe to walk. Our basic service provides grinding the stump; but we also provide additional services to remove the grindings and backfill the hole with soil, seed, and hay or to replant a new tree. 

Misc. Services


When a tree has poor structure but is relatively healthy, a cabling system can be installed. This is done with special hardware which can improve the tree's structural stability and prevent the tree from splitting.


Wood Chips

Wood chips are available to our customers. These can be used for many areas around the yard such as gardens, tree beds, playgrounds, walking paths, etc.

Other services include milling, coasters and candles.

Snow Remove
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